About Us

Corporate Overview

Emeral Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a highly experienced group of solar power technology, power station technology (Generation, Transmission & Distribution) and Telecom power experts. Emeral is a part of one of the world best technology Group. Group had successful track record of more than 20 years with annual turnover of 125 million USD.

Emeral has core expertise in Solar PV and Solar Thermal solutions. We have mapped the industry needs and designed highly economical innovative solutions to serve the exact need. Emeral domain genius, of having more than 12 years of experience, is giving a new direction to the renewable power solutions. Emeral is located in Gujarat, one of the fast developing states in India. Our R & D and manufacturing plan is also located in Gujarat.

Our team always tries to become the technology driver and never stays behind in taking new challenges and helped to increase our market share by adding their expertise and latest technologies.

Emeral’s main focus areas are SPV Rooftop power system, Telecom solar power system and Solar MW power plant. Emeral success with SPV solution by meeting the emerging and fast growing demands of Solar systems is recognize globally. Our manufacturing capacity of solar photovoltaic systems is of 60 MWp including grid connected and stand alone power plant. From the initial planning phases to deliver fully functional turnkey solar solutions is our core strength.

Our main objective is to give satisfaction to our esteem customers, partners and end users with the latest technology combination and permutation of solutions that we will deliver.


Board of Directors is driving the group of more than 125 million USD. The vision provided by the Directors is driving the organization on very fast track with a direction of strategic penetration in the upcoming new opportunities.

Their proficiency to define the difficulties and challenges in simple way and drive organization team to explore their potential is one of the core successes of Emeral. Their long term vision to identify the gap brings grow in business and generate new opportunities through new concepts. They keep on visualizing the future developments, demands and upcoming technologies to be always market leader.

Directors of Emeral believe in customer satisfaction and precise solution as per the need. This nature helps the company to get success in any big challenges. The management board of Emeral is a perfect combination of experience and youth. They are young, enthusiastic and dynamic having wide experience in the field of Solar Renewable Industry, working in the energy field from last 12 years.

Our Strength

Solar Photovoltaic Systems are the main product area of Emeral. We design the completely tailor made solutions by understanding the exact need of the customer. Our solutions are ranging from 2KW to 10MW single standalone and grid interactive power plants.

  • Emeral has developed precise solutions for MW solar power plant. Our core strength is in designing the power plant according to site survey, Electrical design including substation synchronization, Zero power loss solution considering temperature compensation, high precision installation and quick automated deployment.
  • Emeral has core expertise in manufacturing the Solar Telecom Power for BTS, Microwave and Repeater sites. We understand the complexity of making the common solution of SMPS, Diesel set, conventional grid and Solar Solutions. We have come up with a great solution for shared site and stand alone site of BTS with common control and maximum utilization of the solar power.

We are one of the pioneers in viewing solar energy in a broad context. It's not just about making solar energy available, but rather enabling it to be used in as diverse applications as possible.

Our single-minded focus in providing greater value to our customers, translates into high levels of customer satisfaction. We are committed to its vision of bringing the benefits of environment friendly low-cost solar energy to communities around the globe.

Global Presence